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About Us

About Us

EasyDocs123.com. We are a national Consumer Direct company, based out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide professional, cost effective, timely completion of Real Estate related services including but not limited to; Title Searches, Real Estate related document preparation (including Deed and Power of Attorney), as well as the execution (Notarization) and Filing of these documents. A seamless, user friendly, customer service oriented online process.

Why EasyDocs123.com?

In our ever evolving world today, time is our most precious commodity. The ease at which people can solve complicated problems and find solutions to save time and money, the more they can spend their time and money doing things they want. At Easydocs123.com, we are able to do this because of our thousands of vendor partners, including; title searchers, notaries, and attorneys. This gives us the competitive edge and the ability to complete your requests in a time frame that is unparalleled in the industry.

With over 25 years of experience in several aspects of the Real Estate industry, we see and understand the voids in the consumer direct market. We sought out to find a way to complete a complicated process in a way that no one else does. One place, one process. EasyDocs123.com. All Documents Real Estate Related.