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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am uncertain of my search address, what type of deed I need, or some other detail I'm required to provide?

Please use the note boxes to give us as much detail as possible and upload original documents if you have them. There are also many places where an “I don’t know” option is available. If we aren’t certain from information you provided, we’ll contact you. You are always welcome to call us too. (844)328-2123 Option 1

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How come when I’m trying to order a deed preparation it’s adding a deed search to my order?

We require a deed search for quality assurance. For the new deed to be verifiably and lawfully correct it is pertinent that we verify the last recorded deed in the courthouse for the deed that you are making a change to.

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How much in advance do I need to order my POA (power of attorney) or mobile notary?

As soon as possible, but at least 5 days in advance.

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I ordered a deed preparation, what do I do with it now?

Have all grantees sign it in front of a local notary or invite everyone over and have our notary come to you. The final step is very important. You must have the document filed in the courthouse for it to be official. If it isn’t filed it doesn’t legally exist. We will come get the deed from you and file it for you or you may file it yourself. You may also receive a Transfer Tax Statement of Value with your deed. This must also be taken into the courthouse and filed with your new deed. If you need assistance, they will help you fill it out there.

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Who needs to use a Power of Attorney (POA)?

We offer single transaction real estate specific POA’s. They may be used if one or more parties is unable to sign for any reason. It could be they are unable to sign that day, they are elderly and need help, or they are in a different country.

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Why should a new spouse be added to a deed?

There are many reasons why. One of the most common reasons is , If your husband/wife dies and you are not on the deed, the property might be subject to probate (the official proving of a will). If the home was purchased during the marriage and was paid for with community property (your wage income), then you would inherit the entire home and you could avoid probate with a Spousal Property Petition, which is much cheaper and faster than probate. If the owner (husband or wife) first purchased the home before he/she married you, or he/she may have inherited it, then all or a portion of the home is the deeded spouses’ sole and separate property. If the spouse were to die without a will, then you would inherit only one-half of his/her separate property interest (if he/she has no children or only one child) or one-third (if he/she has more than one child). There could be a big mess if the deeded spouse dies — you could be pitted in a legal dispute with your own children or stepchildren, or even more distant family members.

Easydocs123.com provides attorney prepared deeds that will keep you and your family protected.

The different types of deeds are there for you to see; however, it’s ok if you don’t know which one is right for you. There is an “I don’t know” option there for you. We’ll use your supplied data to uncover the best deed for your circumstance.

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More Questions?

If there are any questions we haven’t covered click the link below and feel free to ask. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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