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Current Owner Title Search

Current Owner Title Search

If you need to check for all liens, mortgages, judgments, and tax status on a property from last property purchase to the current date, as well as obtain a copy of the vesting deed then a Current Owner Title Search is what you need. This is also sometimes called a Property Profile, or Property Lien Search. A Current Owner Title Search is ideal for foreclosure auctions, pre-tax auctions, short sales, tax sales, tax certificate purchases, non performing note transactions, by-owner transactions, refinance, and checking for clear title. You will receive a Title Report on all outstanding mortgages, liens and judgments recorded against the property and current owner(s).

Easydocs123.com will preform the following searches:

  • vesting information search
  • mortgage and assignment search
  • federal, state, and municipal lien search
  • HOA (Home Owners Association) lien search
  • Civil judgment search including foreclosure proceedings, bankruptcy status and tax delinquency status.

All of the property related information is captured on the summary page and a copy of the current owner deed is included in the report. This does not include copies of the liens, mortgages, assignments, or civil judgments. For those documents please see the 30/40/60 Year Search.

To get started we will need the complete property address. Additional useful but not mandatory information is tax id, SBL, or folio number.